About Us

Our mission is simple and bold: we seek to grow in faith and knowledge of our Savior Jesus. We want to make him known to others so that they too may share the joys that Jesus won for them.

Our Church Council


That it’s by GRACE ALONE people are forgiven. We have peace with God and eternal
life instead of guilt, fear and condemnation. Grace is God’s undeserved love.

That it’s by FAITH ALONE this free gift of forgiveness is received by
people. Faith is the God-created personal trust in all God has done for us by the life, death and victorious resurrection of His only Son, Jesus Christ.

That it’s the SCRIPTURE ALONE that is the absolute source of truth. It is to be believed above human reason, experience or tradition. By “SCRIPTURE” we mean the Bible, the divinely inspired, inerrant Word of God.

That New Life is God’s free gift to all who believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior from sin. Far from being a license to sin, we have been freed to serve God boldly, carefully, enthusiastically, in joy and peace.

We’re guided by the Word, built up in it, strengthened and renewed in God’s love through it. We look forward to a glorious, eternal life with Jesus Christ, the Lord.