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Did you know some congregations refuse to baptize babies because they feel that teach that babies don’t need Jesus’ mercies? Sadly, some trust their feelings instead of God’s Word. But Jesus taught that babies and adults are all by nature sinful. All souls need holy baptism’s mercies.

But did you also know that some of those very same congregations also feel Jesus can’t really mean it when He put a restriction on His Holy Supper. So I must ask myself: are my feelings, what I want, ruling me? Or is God’s Word, His revelation of His will, ruling me?

God’s holy Supper was never intended to harm people. That would be senseless, silly and sad, wouldn’t it? God wants to bless His people. Therefore, God counsels and encourages those to come for whom He prescribes His supper. It’s kind of like a delicious 4-piece pie:

  1. all who are publicly united on God’s Word, who support His Gospel message;
  2. all have been instructed in God’s Word
  3. all who can examine themselves before eating and drinking
  4. all who intend to live the holy and pure life that God is looking for, i.e. repentant sinners. God’s recipe certainly does delight many people, but it does not delight all. Why? Because God did not make it for all.

There are some who think God should change His recipe and make His Supper more open for our day and age. Some think we should be able to pick and choose what part of Jesus’ meal is really cool and what pieces to complain about. Some actually teach that Jesus did not mean His words He said, “This IS my body, this IS my blood”.

But God’s heart-healthy recipe for a blessed life is to hear what God says and then have my thinking shaped by God to fit God’s thinking, not the other way around. I need to be strong to take my stand with Jesus and for His Word in my culture of my day.


As fellow WELS or ELS guests, please don’t hesitate to receive the Lord’s Supper with us. If you want to discover more about the Bible and Jesus Christ, we would love to help you. Let us introduce you to our pastor. He is always delighted to share more of what God says.


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